Advice to the Unwary - Banditti, p.4

sterling per annum, it may fairly be concluded that smuggling is arrived to a height unprecedented in this or (perhaps) in any other nation in Europe? Consequently, the quantity and value of different articles thus illicitly imported must be immense; and as they are paid for either in specie, or by smuggling of wool, which is worse; this traffic must greatly enrich the French, and other nations, and gradually empoverish this; and, while the fair traders are obliged to sustain various taxes to supply so great a deficiency in the revenue, they are deprived of their trade by a banditti, who are becoming a terror to the King's Officers, and a pest to the community; seventy of them frequently having been assembled together on horse-back at one place, a sort of open rebellion highly ncinsistent with, and greatly reproachful to civil government. - Thousands, (as before has been observed,) who would otherwise be employed in fishing, agriculture, &c. to the emolument of this kingdom, and now supported in drunkenness, rioting, and debauchery, by this iniquitous traffic; - a traffic obviously productive of so numerous a train of evils, that prudence common honesty, decency, order, and civil government, unitedly cry loudly for redress.

The foregoing are the principal and most notorious practices of these illegal traders that can be procured from the best authority from the different sea-ports and towns in teh kingdom; and are so numerous, and carried on to such an extent, that they are not only highly detrimental to the trade and commerce of this country, but also occasion a loss, on Tea alone, to the revenue of no less than 700,000l per ann,

The following table will clearly shew the great decrease of the East-India Company's Sales, from March 1770 to September 1778.

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