Declaration of His Highness William Henry. Enlargement of bottom left section.

Upon these grounds it is, that we cannot any longer forbear, to Declare our great regret, wee see that those Councellours, who have now thje chieffe credit with the King, have overturned the Religion, Lawes, and Liberties of those Realmes; and subjected them in all things relating to their Consciences, Liberties and Properties, to Arbitrary Government: and that not only by secret and Indirect waies, but in a open and undignified manner.

Those Evill Councellours for the advancing and colouring this, with some plausible pretexts, did Invent and set on foot the Kings dispensing power, by virtue of which, they pretend that according to Law, he Suspend and Dispense with the Execution of the Laws, that had been enacted by the Authority, of the King and Parliament, for the security and happiness of the Subject, and so have rendered those Laws of no effect:

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