The Universal Penman Alphabet

ABC or, Alphabets. In all the usual Hands now Practis’d &c. Engrav’d by G. Bickham, Senr. The Alphabet is the whole Order of the Letters in any Language from Alpha to Beta, the two first Letters in the Greek Tongue. The English Alphabet contains twenty six letters, but others differ in their Number and Form, and vary in their Placing and Writing. The Hebrews write from the Right Hand to the Left; Others from Left to Right and back again from Right to Left; The Chinese from Tope to Bottom, and from Right to Left; but the Europeans, and most others, write from Left to Right without Retrogression to the Left. All our English Alphabets are exhibited in the two next pages. If you would write both Legible and Fair, Copy these Alphabets with all your Care. No LII. G. Bickham. MLCCXLI.

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