Slang - page 2

Slang words are not necessarily new to the English language. For example, look at the following slang terms for 'food':

grub  1659 
chow  1886 
nosh  1965 

Use your own knowledge, ask others, use a thesaurus or a thesaurus of slang to find 10 more words for 'food' to add to these.

Below are 10 words - Jargon, Buzzwords or Slang.

Battle out verb (1979)   to lose one's nerve, back out through fear
Chicest adjective - (2000) the most stylish - (an English superlative inflection on French borrowing)
Duck's breakfast nouna drink of water 
Ladettes noungirls who behave like lads
Mouse potato noun (1994) someone who uses computers/internet an inordinate amount  
Multiculti adjective (1991) abbreviation for 'multicultural' 
Offliner noun (1991)   a sad person who does not use the internet 
Skinner with wings (of a coffee) with skimmed milk, to go 
Spam noun (1994) large quantities of unwanted e-mail 
Wannabe noun  (1985)   blend of 'want to be' - used of fans who wish to emulate their idols eg Madonna 
List any slang words that you use or that you have heard others use.

Make joint lists of the slang words with others in your group.

The majority of changes in the English language come from the younger generations, who are at the 'cutting edge'. What do you want to happen to the English language in the future?

If at all possible, share and discuss all the answers and choices you have listed from the activities in 'Jargon', 'Buzzwords' and 'Slang'.