Table Alphabeticall - Powdered Talk

Here Cawdrey criticises the poor standard of English spoken by many members of the public: while some simplify their speech 'so that the most ignorant may well understand them' , others decorate their sentences with fancy phrases and complicated words. He says of this second type: 'they forget altogether their mothers language, so that if some of their mothers were alive, they were not able to tell or vnderstand what they say.' He writes of how 'far journied gentlemen' collect words on their travels and, coming home, 'pouder their talke with over-sea language.' Cawdrey wants the English language to be better organised and feels the 'Table Alphabeticall' may help the reader to understand challenging words.

Taken from: Table Alphabeticall
Author / Creator: Cawdrey, Robert
Publisher: T. S. for Edmund Weauer: London
Date: 1613
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 1568/3913