Table Alphabeticall - All Vnskilful Persons

The title page to the 'Table Alphabeticall' states that the book is for 'all vnskilful persons... Whereby they may the more easily and better vunderstand many hard English words, which they shall heare or read in the Scriptures, Sermons, or else where, and also be made able to vse them the same aptly themselues.' A number of the words listed in the Table Alphabeticall were 'hard' - or unfamiliar to the general public - because of the fact that they were derived from foreign or ancient languages: Hebrew, Greek, Latin or French.

Taken from: Table Alphabeticall
Author / Creator: Cawdrey, Robert
Publisher: T. S. for Edmund Weauer, London
Date: 1613
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 1568/3913