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Send in your stories

What games do you like to play? We’d like to invite you to write letters to the British Library describing your favourite games, which you can illustrate if you want to. Alternatively, you might prefer to video each other, or create sound recordings, which we may then select to show on this website.

To take part:

  1. Ask your students to write letters, create videos or sound recordings describing or demonstrating their favourite games. They might want to think about what they need to play this game, and whether there are any rules. Why do they like this game?
  2. Print and fill in the information on this consent form. The consent form will need to be signed by a parent or carer.
  3. Print this label and stick it to the front of an envelope, then add your own stamp.
  4. If you are sending in sound or video clips you can email them to learning@bl.uk. You can send scanned copies of the consent forms if you prefer. Alternatively, you can post your sound clips, video clips and letters to:

    Learning Department
    The British Library
    96 Euston Road
    NW1 2DB