Teachers' notes

Teacher's Notes

Send in your stories

We are compiling a new archive documenting children’s play around the UK, and we need vital information from children around the country. Send in your stories and we will include them in the British Library archive – and maybe select them to show on this website.

What to do

Children everywhere:

We would like you to write us letters describing your favourite games, rhymes or songs (one or two games/songs will probably be enough). The more detail and description the better – and the inclusion of drawn illustrations would be fantastic!. Alternatively, you might prefer to film each other (eg with flip cameras), or create sound recordings.

Please try to keep writing and drawings on one sheet of paper – two maximum. You might want to mention where you learned the game, or what cultural/political/everyday life factors influenced the game – (see teachers’ notes below for more detail).

It is very important that supervising adults are not too prescriptive. We want these descriptions to be in the children’s language – we are not concerned about grammar or spelling. And if the jokes are rude we won’t mind!

Print and fill in the information on this consent form. The consent form will need to be signed by a parent or carer.

Print this label and stick it to the front of an envelope, then add your own stamp.

If you are sending in sound or video clips you can email them to learning@bl.uk. You can send scanned copies of the consent forms if you prefer. Alternatively, you can post your sound clips, video clips and letters to:

Learning Department Playtimes
The British Library
96 Euston Road

Teachers' notes

This unique British Library collection brings together a century of children’s songs, rhymes and games, presenting a fascinating picture of children’s culture in Britain. It is an ideal topic for the classroom, enabling children to explore the value of research, to become experts in their own culture, and to learn about play past and present.

These teachers’ notes provide ideas for activities in the primary school classroom. Curriculum links are highlighted for literacy, drama, history, art, ICT, citizenship and PSHE . The activities will help teachers encourage children to generate their own ideas about their play culture, engage with the material as researchers, develop their own body of research, and contribute to the development of the site.



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