England's newest way in Cookery - The bookseller to the reader

Here the bookseller attests to the skill of the author Henry Howard whom, he writes, is 'very well skill'd in the nicest and newest parts of cookery.'

About England 's Newest Way in Cookery


England 's Newest Way in Cookery, by Henry Howard, was first published in 1703. It was so popular that the first edition sold out in less than a year.
Howard was a reputable chef in London , having served in a number of noblemen's kitchens, and the book appeared during a period of great enthusiasm for the culinary secrets of the aristocracy. The third edition, produced in 1710, states that many of the recipes were 'extracted out of Choice Manuscripts of several Ladies who were particularly Excellent in Cookery and beautifying the Face.' However, England 's Newest Way , represents a shift in the fashionable world of recipes: unlike earlier cook books, the recipes are not attributed directly to named members of the aristocracy. Instead the spotlight shines on the author whose prestigious status takes the foreground for the first time.

Taken from: England's newest way in Cookery
Author / Creator: Howard, Henry
Publisher: Coningsby, C
Date: 1708
Copyright: By permission of the British Library
Shelfmark: 1651/420