The Good Old Days - hookahs and baths p.151

This page shows a range of advertisements from the early 1880s, all of which demonstrate the customs of the British during this period. Advertised products include 'Essence for the Hookah', a mansion house complete with marble baths and colonnaded varandahs, and an exhibition of automata.

About The Good Old Days of Honorable John Company


This book is a collection of over 250 years' worth of ephemera documenting British customs in India during the rule of the East India Company (1600 - 1858). It includes newspaper articles, advertisements, minutes from council meetings and government documents. The documents cover an array of subjects - from the Indian lottery and property sales to champagne prices and silk and sugar exports, from wars and revolutions to riots and divorces. They reveal a sense of the segregation and the division in wealth that existed between the British rulers and the Indians themselves.

Despite this, the author is insistent that the material is evidence of 'improvement and progress' in the living conditions of both the British and the Indians, and feels that the book will simply 'afford both amusement and instruction.'


Taken from: The Good Old Days of Honorable John Company
Author / Creator: Carey, W.H.
Publisher: Argus Press, Simla
Date: 1882
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 9056.f.1