The New Monthly Magazine - P. 56

Here the author paints a picture of Indian culture in exotic terms. He descibes the way that India's 'magnificence' and 'wonder' transport the European traveller back to 'those Arabian tales that delighted his boyhood.'

The author then comments on the changes taking place in the 'appearance' and the 'moral costume' of India.

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This article, entitled 'Sketches of India', was written in 1824. It illustrates some of the cultural changes taking place in India at the time, due to the influence of the British. The author contrasts spectacular and exotic impressions of traditional Indian culture with descriptions of increasing levels of poverty amongst the Indian population, and of exploitation by British rulers.

The New Monthly Magazine was first published in 1821. It was primarily a literary journal, and it contained original prose and poetry, covering an array of subjects.


Taken from: The New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal Vol XI
Author / Creator: Colburn, Henry
Date: 1824
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 257.d.6