Smuggling Days in Devon - rats p.38

This page quotes from a statement made by smuggler Henry Northcote. Northcote describes an incident in which his smuggling gang is pursued by the King's officers, and their illegal spirits have to be poured down the drain. 'It made the rats squeak', he writes.

About Smuggling Days in Devon

This book describes the adventures and escapades of smugglers in 19th century Devon. Quoting from smugglers' diaries and from statements made by parish residents, these tales tell of smugglers hiding up chimneys, ships sawn in half, and the burning effigies of informers.

Taken from: Smuggling Days in Devon
Author / Creator: J R W Coxhead
Publisher: The Raleigh Press
Date: 1956
Copyright: By permission of the British Library
Shelfmark: 6058.a.10