Distressing Shipwrecks - Midbedach 3 p.33

In this extract we read of an unsuccessful attempt to save one of the drowning crew members of the Midbedach, a Prussian ship that that lost 11 of her sailors in the storm.

About A Correct Narrative

This booklet is an eye-witness account of a shipwreck that occurred in Seafordin 1809. A number of ships were destroyed during a terrible storm, and the author describes the events in detail, illustrating weather conditions, the reactions of those on board, the number of people who perished, and the property that was lost. The book was published in 1810.


Taken from: A Correct Narrative of the Distressing Shipwrecks
Publisher: J. Baxter
Date: 1810
Copyright: By permission of the British Library
Shelfmark: 1508/210