Facts opposed to Falsehood - No journal p.54

This page records a dialogue between the judge and William Joyce, a sailor onboard the Daphne. Joyce claims to be unable to recall how many people had worked on the Daphne, saying 'I never kept no journal'.

About Facts opposed to Falsehood

Facts opposed to Falsehood is a collection of material documenting a legal case, in which a number of sailors were accused of smuggling. The sailors of The Daphne were alledged to have smuggled a variety of goods including tobacco, gin and snuff. They were also accused of capturing another ship, The Clarissa.

The records consist of affidavits, dialogues, and desciptions of proceedings at the Court of Admiralty. It is stated in the preface that the sailors' clandestine activities are 'little superior to licensed Piracy upon the Property of Foreign Nations', and that these people are 'hourly plundering the Revenues of their own Country.' This legal case, explains the author, 'demonstrates the necessity of some additional guard against the effects of complicated perjury and forgery.'


Taken from: Facts opposed to Falsehood
Author / Creator: Thomas Abbot
Publisher: Bunney and Gold London
Date: 1800
Copyright: By permission of the British Library
Shelfmark: 1608/5618.(1.)