1693 - Memorable Accidents

This account of a shipwreck appears in a 17th century anthology of sensational disasters. Journeying in stormy seas from Goa to Portugal in 1686, the ship crashes against the rocks and is destroyed. The story is related in graphic and theatrical terms: the sounds of the 'cracking' structure as the vessel is 'lifted...up to the clouds'; the 'astonishment, terror and consternation that seiz'd upon every Heart of the Ship'; 'the cries, sighs and groans'.

'Memorable Accidents and Unheard of Transactions' was published in 1693. As the title page outlines, the book contains 'an Account of Several Strange Events: As the Deposing of Tyrants, Lamentable Shipwrecks, Dismal misfortunes, Strategems of War, Perilous Adventures...and Select Historical Events.'