Letter from Raffles to his sister

This letter from Raffles to his sister, Maryanne Flint, describes the sinking of the Fame. Raffles assures her that her young son Charles, who was on board the ship, is safe. Although Raffles’ loved ones are all safe, the emotional enormity of the disaster comes across strongly in the letter:

the cream and best of every thing I had collected learnt & attained during my residence in India – all – all has gone in the sad ruin - & there is not in truth “a wreck left behind” save ourselves’.

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'alive and well, safe and sound'

'a horrible yell of Fire! resounded through the ship'

'the whole ship was one dreadful flame'

'death and damnation staring us in the face'

Taken from: Letter from Sir T.S.Raffles to his sister, Mrs Mary Ann Flint, Bencoolen
Author / Creator: Sir T.S.Raffles
Date: 8 February 1824
Copyright: By permission of the British Library
Shelfmark: MSS Eur D742/17, ff.67-71