Sailors' Language - Lobscouse and Dandy-Funk p.xii

This extract looks at a range of slang terms for the terrible food that sailors were forced to endure. These include lobscouse, dandy-funk, dogsbody, seapie, choke-dog, twice-laid, and hishee-hashee.

About Sailors' Language

This collection of sea-terms is a fascinating lexicon of odd words and phrases. Most of words listed in the book would be incomprehensible to 'landlubbers' - as the author states in the preface, ' sailors' talk is a dialect as distinct from ordinary English as Hindustanee is, or Chinese.' As well as technical terms referring to various parts of the ship, the book is full of language that reveals the hardships of life at sea.

Taken from: Sailors' Language
Author / Creator: W Clark Russell
Publisher: Gilbert and Rivington Ltd
Date: 1883
Copyright: By permission of the British Library
Shelfmark: 2278.b.4