Smugglers and Smuggling - strange doings p.3

This extract, taken from the introduction, describes the mood of the early 19th century, in which 'men were disposed to make haste to be rich'. As a result, 'there were strange doings by night in the creeks and hollow ways and caves of the southern coast'. Smuggled goods lined the beaches: there you would find fishermen's boots stuffed with French lace or jewellery; ladies petticoats 'quilted' with silk stockings; and loaves of bread hollowed out to hold pairs of gloves.

About Reminiscences of Smugglers and Smuggling

This collection of smuggling stories from early 19th century Hastings includes curious tales of jewellery hidden in fishermens' shoes, and of silk stockings sewn into the lining of petticoats. The author also incorporates a number of sailors’ songs.


Taken from: Reminiscences of Smugglers and Smuggling
Author / Creator: John Banks of Hastings
Publisher: John Camden Hotten
Date: 1873
Copyright: By permission of the British Library
Shelfmark: 8246.aa.6