De Mirabilibus Pecci - The return p.84

In the final passage of the poem the travellers return to Buxton.

About De Mirabilibus Pecci


This poem, entitled 'De Mirabilibus Pecci', was writen by the Enlightenment philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes toured the Peak District in 1626, and the poem describes the wonders of his experiences.

The poem was first published in 1636. This version includes the original Latin and an English translation by 'a Person of Quality'. It appeared in 1678.

The 'Wonders' include Chatsworth House, Peak Cavern (popularly known as the Devil's Arse), St Anne's Well, Buxton, Eldon Hole and Tideswell.


Taken from: De Mirabilibus Pecci : Wonders of the Peaks in Darbyshire
Author / Creator: Thomas Hobbes, translated by 'a Person of Quality '
Publisher: Crook, William
Date: 1678
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 1076.g.17.(1)