Guide to Lyme Regis - Advertisement 3

Adverts for the 'German Bath in Scotland,' and the Eagle Insurance Company.

About Ward Lock & co. Guide to Lyme Regis


This is an early example of a Ward Lock and co guidebook. Ward Lock produced a series of popular guidebooks which covered a wide range of tourist destinations all over Britain . The books, recognisable for their standard red covers, were reproduced and regularly updated throughout the 20th century.

This guide to Lyme and South Dorset promotes an image of Lyme Regis as a 'cosy' and secluded holiday destination. The author writes that the town is 'never inundated with train loads of noisy trippers,' as it is six miles from the nearest railway station. The book is packed with advertisements, most of which promote shops and services in London .


Taken from: Guide to Lyme Regis
Author / Creator: Unknown
Publisher: Ward Lock and Co. Ltd
Date: 1901
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board