The Scientific Tourist - Sea cotton & moonwort p.126

Here the author lists the variety of rare plants that could be found around Dorset. These include 'Sea Cotton Weed' 'Moonwort' and 'Scaly Spleenwort.'

About The Scientific Tourist


The Scientific Tourist, published in 1818, is a guidebook to obscure scientific and historical curiosities in the British Isles. Specialist guidebooks were becoming an increasingly popular genre at this time, catering for the growing number of tourists travelling around the country. These books provided a model for how to be a 'serious' tourist, presenting amateur scholars and collectors with a wealth of 'authoritative' information. In general, guidebooks focused on all sorts of subjects such as sketching, fossils, botany, ancient monuments and picturesque landscapes - and frequently combined, as in this case, several of these in one volume. The author's encyclopeadic approach was designed to make it easy for the 'inexperienced' traveller to find engaging and improving objects of scientific and artistic interest.

Taken from: The Scientific Tourist
Author / Creator: Walford, T
Publisher: Booth, J
Date: 1818
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 796.b.9