Invalid's Companion - windy streets p.118

Here the reader is warned of the violent, sweeping winds that blow through some of Bath's open and exposed streets. Despite this, explains the author, 'the aged and the sickly are to be seen fearlessly exposing themselves to such vicissitudes, standing at the corners of the streets, or walking at a pace not sufficient to keep up a healthy circulation, or wheeled along in the open chairs, with just so much clothing as fashion dictates.'

About The Invalid's Companion to Bath


'The Invalid's Companion to Bath' provides 'information and advice on every subject which can benefit or interest the invalid, restoring them for relief.' As outlined in the preface, the book covers a range of subjects, including 'local circumstances, habits of life, prudential observances, personal comfort, the use of the waters, [and] the aid of medicine'.


Taken from: The Invalid's Companion to Bath
Author / Creator: John Mansford
Publisher: G Strahan
Date: 1720
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 1188.d.1.(4.)