Five Minutes' Advice - adverts, Ladies in Heated Rooms

This page shows advertisements for two products. The first is for 'Family aperient or antibilious pills', which are good for 'evacuating the bowels', and should be taken 'before commencing a course of the Bath Waters'. The second advert is for 'Camphorated Sal Volatile', which was used to treat nervous disorders. According to the advertisement, the product is particularly effective in 'affording immediate relief to Ladies in heated rooms or crowded assemblies.'

About Five Minutes' Advice on the Bath Waters


Five Minutes Advice on the Bath Waters; was published in 1843. The book discusses the restorative effects of drinking and bathing in Bath mineral waters. The author states in the preface that many of the advantages of Bath waters can be experienced in the home, if the right products are purchased. This means that patients may avoid 'the annoyance and expense attendant upon distant travelling, frequently so prejudicial to persons in delicate health.' The book also contains an array of advertisements for various potions and pills.

Taken from: Five Minutes' Advice on the Bath Waters
Author / Creator: unknown
Publisher: Sims and Sons
Date: 1843
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board