Treating the Gout - Preface (4)

The author praises providence for 'furnishing so wonderful an Antidote, to almost all the Chronical Distempers of an English Constitution and Climate, which are chiefly owing to Errors of Diet, or rather, as a Sacred Writer expresses it, To Idleness and Fulness of Bread.'

About Observations concerning the Nature and due Method of Treating Gout


This book examines the nature of gout, and the restorative effects of the Bath waters. Published in 1720, the author lists all the harmful effects of an Englishman's lifestyle: 'the Rankness of the Soil, the Richness of the Provisions; the living so much on Flesh Meats; the Inconstancy of the Weather, and the indulging in sedentary Amusements, or Speculative Studies.' To combat these problems, he writes, 'kind Heaven has provided Bath Waters.'


Taken from: Observations concerning the Nature and due method of treating Gout
Author / Creator: George Cheyne
Publisher: G Strahan
Date: 1720
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 1188.d.1.(4)