The Harangues or Speeches of Quack-Doctors - mulligrubs and bonny scrubs p.13

The speech of the 'infallible Mountebank' is in the form of a rhyming poem.

'Here, take my bills, I cure all ills,

past, present, and to come

The cramp, the stitch

The squirt, the itch,

The gout, the stone, the pox

The mulligrubs

The bonny scrubs, And all Pandora's box.'

About The Harangues or Speeches of Quack Doctors


This comical book pokes fun at quack doctors - those medical amateurs who earned their living by selling dubious remedies to the public. Published in 1762, the book contains a series of parodied speeches in which quack doctors offer all manner of magical cures: ointments that must be applied by 15 year old maids; powders to cure uncontrollable farting; 'wonder-working' pills to treat melancholy; and sticking plasters to heal the hearts of jealous husbands.


Taken from: The Harangues or Speech of Several Celebrated Quack Doctors
Author / Creator: 'Various Hands'
Publisher: J Thomson
Date: 1762
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 11770.b.1(4)