The Harangues or Speeches of Quack-Doctors - wonder-working pills p.9

On this page we are told of an ointment for sprained muscles and bruises, that should be applied by 'the hand of a maid of fifteen'. We also read of a medicine for 'cloudifying humours' called 'purandos tankapon' (Arabic, according to the quack for 'wonder-working pills.' )

About The Harangues or Speeches of Quack Doctors


This comical book pokes fun at quack doctors - those medical amateurs who earned their living by selling dubious remedies to the public. Published in 1762, the book contains a series of parodied speeches in which quack doctors offer all manner of magical cures: ointments that must be applied by 15 year old maids; powders to cure uncontrollable farting; 'wonder-working' pills to treat melancholy; and sticking plasters to heal the hearts of jealous husbands.

Taken from: The Harangues or Speech of Several Celebrated Quack Doctors
Author / Creator: 'Various Hands'
Publisher: J Thomson
Date: 1762
Copyright: By permission of the British Library Board
Shelfmark: 11770.b.1(4)