Introducing Research: Question, Think, Do


Suitable for: Year 3 - 6

Available: Monday - Friday

Length: 90 minutes. Please allow more time after your workshops, to explore the galleries and public spaces

Group size: minimum 10

Subjects and Key Skills

Research, Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, Enquiry, Visual Literacy

Workshop outline

Introducing Research: Question, Think, Do is a creative workshop and is ideal for a first visit.

This stimulating workshop introduces students to the idea of research by investigating how we find things out. Using creative activities, students will think about what research is and explore some of the ways in which we use books, pictures and maps to carry out research.

Introducing Research is cross-curricular and will develop skills in critical thinking and visual literacy. Participants will explore the role the British Library plays in research, through its collections and building. Using creative activities, students will be invited to ask questions such as: How do you find things out? Who does research? Are there different approaches to research? Why is the British Library a research library?

Exploring the public galleries and spaces, students will leave the workshop thinking about research in a new way. Please note that, as with all our workshops, we’re unable to take groups into the Reading Rooms.

Pre-visit activities

  • Collect a random group of objects. Can you organize these into different categories? What title would you give each category? Can any of the objects be put into more than one category?
  • Is it helpful to organize things into categories? Why?
  • Discuss the different types of information you have in your classroom, for example books, magazines, newspapers. Are some sorts of information more reliable than others? Why?

Post-visit activities

  • Gather together some different examples of writing, for example stories, poetry, plays, journalism. Choose a type of writing that interests you. Use the title you created in the workshop as a starting point for a piece of writing of this type.
  • Paper books or e-books? Which is best and why? Debate in two groups: one in support of books and one in support of e-books.
  • Discuss the possibilities for libraries of the future. How will they work? What will they look like?

This session is also available as:

  • A study day for students (Year 3 - 6). This all day session runs from 10.30-2.30pm (including breaks) but timings are flexible.
  • An INSET for teachers. Introducing Research: Question, Think, Do can be booked alone or as part of our full day  INSET package.

For more information about study days or INSETs, please email or complete the booking form below.

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