John Bowen - Dickens: Haunted by the Gothic

Tuesday 21 February, 11-12pm and 2-3pm


Lecture summary:

Dickens never writes a ‘Gothic’ novel as such, but the stamp of the Gothic is all over his writing: in the strange plots, mysterious secrets and ghostly goings-on that fill his work. Why is he so haunted by the Gothic? In this lecture John will be trying to find out.


John Bowen is Professor of 19th-century Literature at the University of York. His great passion is 19th-century fiction, in particular the work of Charles Dickens.  He has written about Dickens’s early novels in Other Dickens: Pickwick to Chuzzlewit (Oxford University Press, 2000) and has written introductions to Martin Chuzzlewit, Great Expectations and Barnaby Rudge.

Booking information:

Suitable for: AS, A-Level and IB students

Length: Lecture is 60 minutes. Please allow time before or after the lecture to see the display

Group size: minimum 10, maximum 30

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