Exploring English


Suitable for: Year 10 - 13

Available: Monday - Friday

Length: 90 minutes. Please allow more time after your workshop to explore the galleries and public spaces

Group size: minimum 10

Subjects and Key Skills

English Language, English Literature

Workshop outline

Exploring English workshops offer students the opportunity to develop skills in language analysis and interpretation. Looking at original texts on display in the Treasures Gallery as well as digitised texts in the Learning Centre, students will look at some of the key turning points in language change.   

Through discussions, creative activities and source-based learning, students will develop an understanding of the diversity of the English language and investigate the impact of power, technology and standardisation on language production.

We recommend booking this workshop alongside a Sounds Familiar talk which introduces ways of analysing spoken English. 

Pre- and post-visit activities

Our English language and literature pages contain a wealth of free resources for teachers and students to access before and after this workshop.

Ready to book?

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