Mughal India: Art, Culture and Empire


Suitable for: Year 7 - 13

Available: Monday - Friday from 9 November 2012 until 2 April 2013

Time: 10.30-12pm, 1-2.30pm and 3.30-5pm

Length: 90 minutes

Group size: minimum 10, maximum 30 per session

Subjects and Key Skills

History, History of Art, Research Skills, Critical Enquiry, Visual Literacy

Mughal India: Art, Culture and Empire

This autumn, the British Library will present a major exhibition on the Mughal Empire, a vast and important empire that encompassed the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia and parts of the Middle East from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

The Mughal court was renowned for its support of the arts and sciences and this exhibition will display some incredible treasures from the British Library’s outstanding Central and South Asian collections, complemented by key loans from major institutions. Jewel-like paintings, fascinating manuscripts and amazing objects will reveal the dramatic stories behind one of the world’s great civilisations.

Workshop outline

Students will investigate the history of the Mughal Empire and develop their historical knowledge and skills through direct encounter with the rare manuscripts, paintings and objects on display. They will learn about the politics, society, religion and art of this incredible empire that spread across Central and Southern Asia. Workshops will also promote learning about the history and culture of India and will provide an excellent contextual introduction for the study of the rise of the British Empire in India.

Workshop sessions take place in the exhibition space and include a series of activities led by a workshop leader.

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