Write Here!

New for 2013! Be inspired by some of the great writers and original drafts housed at the British Library in this creative writing workshop.


Suitable for: Year 7 - 13

Available: Monday - Friday

Length: 90 minutes (Year 7-11) and 120 minutes (Year 12-13). Please allow more time after your workshop to explore the galleries and public spaces

Group size: minimum 10

Subjects and Key Skills

English Literature, Creative Writing, Theatre Studies

Workshop outline

Write Here! is a creative writing workshop that encourages students to generate new work inspired by some of the great writers and original drafts housed at the British Library.

From free writing and word games to descriptive narrative or dialogue, students will be guided through a range of imaginative activities to get their creative juices flowing. Led by professional writers, participants will be encouraged to be playful with their writing, but also to experiment with a range of techniques to progress their work and develop their confidence as creative writers.

Students can work across multiple forms, including prose, poetry and drama, or focus on one of these areas. Working together, the group will explore writing as a craft and develop their understanding of the editing process to help them re-draft and perfect their own work. The group will receive both professional feedback and comment on each other’s work and will leave with first drafts of new work that can be developed further in class.

Write Here! takes place in our Learning Centre, Treasures gallery and public spaces of the Library. The workshop will include looking at some original drafts on display in the Treasures gallery as well as others that are available through our online resources.

Pre- and post-visit activities

Our English language and literature pages contain a wealth of free resources for teachers and students to access before and after this workshop.

Students will create new work which can be developed further in class.

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