Faith in the City

Click on the links below to listen to young people talk about their experiences of, and views on, living in multicultural London.

''s easier to get on with people with the same values as you...'

'...stereotyping relating to crime...'

A transcript of these audio extracts is also available as a pdf. This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

Classroom Activity

Give your students the quiz 'How Multicultural Are You?' to find out exactly how much they know about other faiths represented in the UK. To download the quiz, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader .

Each of the twelve questions is about a different faith. Had your students heard of them all? How much did they know about them? This light-hearted quiz should illustrate that although we may live side-by-side, we often know very little about each other.

Listen to the conversations from Believing in London. Does your class agree with these young Londoners? Is it easier to get on with people who have the same views or background as yourself? Is your local area truly multicultural? Reflect on the outcomes of the quiz.

This is your chance to spread the word. Divide the class into twelve groups, each one representing one of the faiths from the quiz. They will be responsible for creating a newsletter for the school about these faiths to create awareness among pupils and staff. What kind of information should be included about each faith? Are these faiths represented in your local communities?