Young Researchers & Past Projects

Young Researchers projects give young people aged 16 to 19 the opportunity to work with the British Library on a project themed around the current exhibition.  Previously this has included projects on subjects as diverse as religion and science, avant-garde art and design and civil liberties and rights. 

Each project runs after school hours for anything between 6 to 10 weeks and students take part in workshops and discussions led by artists, curators, campaigners, faith leaders, creative writers, poets and politicians.

By the end of the project the group is able to display their work either at the British Library or on the British Library Learning website. These outcomes are decided by the group and in the past have included a short animated film, a flash animated photo-book and a board game.  Information on past projects can be found here in the archive. Their work is also launched at events to which participants can invite their families, friends and teachers to celebrate their achievements.

Projects usually begin in January, with recruitment starting in September of the previous year.  If you think your students might be interested in taking part please ask them to email us at

Past Young Researchers' Projects



A Young Researchers project about slang words, linked to the Evolving English exhibition.



Young Researchers Taking Liberties was a 10 week project to creatively and critically explore the history and current state of human rights in Britain.

Not Everything is Black and White

Not Everything is Black and White

Not Everything is Black and White is the photographic outcome of a Young Researchers project at the British Library.

(BA)d (ED)ucation

Find out about the (BA)d(ED)ucation project at the British Library, in which students from Goldsmiths explored the European Avant Garde.

In the beginning...

In the Beginning...

Read about the Young Researchers project that explored creation theories, view creative products including a film and find classroom activities exploring notions of science and creation.