Believing in London

Believing in London was a conference that brought together 100 young Londoners from a wide range of different faiths and backgrounds. It was an opportunity for them to share their experiences of religion and diversity in London.

Participants took part in a day of activities and discussion. This involved workshops in different creative media, including art and drama as well as discussion sessions covering a range of contemporary and controversial issues. A central Question and Answer session was also held, giving participants the opportunity to put questions to young representatives from the major faiths.

The aim of the day was to bring young people together to engage in dialogue and discussion about issues of religion, diversity and identity. It provided a valuable opportunity for them to hear a variety of perspectives and to learn from each other's experiences.

Follow the links below to listen in on the discussions that the participants took part in and explore different creative activities that could take place in your own classroom.

Faith, Family and Identity

Faith, Family and Identity

Hear what the participants thought about love, marriage, sexuality and women's rights.

The Right to Offend

Right to Offend

Listen to a debate about freedom of speech. Can self-expression go too far?

The Sanctity of Life

Sanctity of Life

Ideas about capital punishment, stem-cell research, animal transplants and organ donation.

Faith in the city

Faith in the City

Is multicultural London a myth? Or do we really live in harmony?

International Development

International Development

Listen to conversations about international aid and the role faith plays in charity work and development.

Believing in London film

Believing in London film

Watch a short film about the Believing London conference.