Faith, Family and Identity

Click here to listen to hear young people discussing topics including religion and love, marriage, sexuality and women's rights.

'...religion has this ideal family model...'

''s difficult to be religious nowadays...'

' don't have to be the same religion to love each other...'

' should have a choice too...'

'...children need a loving home...'

'...marriage is basically a holy act...'

A transcript of these audio extracts is also available as a pdf. This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

Classroom Activity

Make two signs, one which says 'agree' and the other 'disagree'. Place these at opposite ends of the classroom to form an 'agreement line'. Ask everyone to stand and let them know the rules of the game. As the teacher, you are going to read out a series of statements. Students must think carefully about what each statement means and position themselves along the agreement line. If they strongly agree with the statement, they should stand close to the 'agree' sign. If they strongly disagree, they should stand close to the 'disagree' sign. Other students should position themselves along the line, depending on how strongly they feel. Once everyone has chosen their place, the teacher should prompt students to explain why they have positioned themselves in that particular place.

Statements for consideration might include:

  • Catholics should not use contraception as it is against the teachings of the Church.
  • Homosexual couples make as good parents as heterosexual couples.
  • It is morally right to have only one sexual partner in your lifetime.
  • It is difficult for young people today to follow the teachings of religious books.
  • People with religious beliefs should only ever marry someone of the same faith.