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The debate in Belfast followed the structure of a formal debate, where arguments both for and against a written constitution were presented by two speakers.

After the topic is introduced by the chair, the first speaker introduces the main arguments for the motion. This is followed by a talk from the first speaker opposing the motion.  These are then followed by speeches from the second speakers, whose role is to counter the arguments stated by the first speaker from the opposing team. 

Divide into groups of four. Two of you will present the argument for a written constitution in the UK, while the remaining two will present the argument for the opposition. Watch all three short films again, constructing your arguments and use your own research to build upon them.

Remember you will need to anticipate what the opposing team will say, so that the second speaker from each team can prepare their speech.

When everyone has spoken you can open the debate up to the floor, which means allowing your audience to pose questions to anyone on the panel.  A vote can then be taken at the end.