Opportunities for Students

In addition to our Workshops and Tours we also offer projects and conferences for students.


New for 2015! Magna Carta: My Digital Rights

Debate your digital rights and contribute to our Magna Carta for the digital age.

Who is watching us when we're online? Should governments monitor our movements on the Web? Should trolling be made illegal? Do we need an equivalent Magna Carta or a new bill of rights to protect the future of the internet?

Magna Carta: My Digital Rights is a new national schools programme inviting Secondary and FE students and teachers to consider their rights and responsibilities online.

Use our free classroom resources and share your thoughts with the world by uploading your students' clause to our Magna Carta for the digital age before 30 April 2015.

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Current and Past Projects

YBL: the British Library's Youth Forum

YBL: the British Library's Youth Forum

Updates and information from the British Library's Youth Forum.


Student Placements

Short, unpaid work opportunities for school students.


Digital Pathways: Newcastle and Norwich

Information about our digital research workshop with libraries in Newcastle and Norwich.


Writing Britain: Regional Programme

Information about our work with four regional libraries on the Writing Britain project.

Writing Britain: Leeds

Writing Britain: Leeds

A short spoken word film developed by a group of young people from Leeds.

Writing London

Writing London

Writing London, created by young people living in supported accommodation learning centres, is a display of photography and creative writing exploring London.

Campaign! Make an Impact

Campaign! Make an Impact

Campaign! Make an Impact is an innovative initiative that uses history to inspire young people into active citizenship.

The Book Job

Young Researchers

Young Researchers projects give young people aged 16 to 19 the opportunity to work with the British Library on a project themed around the current exhibition.


Past Conferences

Find out more about past conferences and other events for students.