In the Beginning...

In the Beginning...was a Young Researchers project that took place at the British Library early in 2007. The Young Researchers themselves were a group of young adults (aged 16-19) who met weekly after school and for full hours during the holidays for 10 weeks. During this time, they took part in a series of creative workshops that explored ideas of science and religion, specifically looking at the creation stories from the perspectives of the three monotheistic faiths, as well as scientific theories such as the big bang and evolution.

Each week, the participants engaged in a wide variety of creative activities - from role play to photography, conducting video interviews amongst themselves and the public to writing and drawing. These activities enabled young people to re-examine, develop and challenge some of their personal beliefs as well as learn about ideas they perhaps hadn't encountered before.

The workshops also provided an extraordinary opportunity for the young people to meet and interact with British Library curators and to closely preview and respond to some of the treasured exhibits in the Sacred exhibition by observing some of the 'behind the scenes' processes of conservation and preparation for the exhibition.

The emphasis of the project was on the creative research processes. These processes produced a range of outcomes - from drawings, video interviews, photographs and creative writing to a sound work and animated film that was featured in the main exhibition and can also be viewed on this site.

Project Outcomes

See what the Young Researchers produced and find out what they thought of the project.

Creative Activities

Creative Research Activities

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