Project Outcomes

See what the Young Researchers produced and find out what they thought of the project.

In the Beginning...

Watch In the Beginning... , a film inspired by the young researchers' ideas. (8 mins, 22MB)

Sacred Whispers

Listen to Sacred Whispers , an audio recording exploring ideas of creation.

Feedback from participants

'The young researchers project was an eye-opening experience, in which I feel I have learnt lots and broadened by knowledge of many other traditions. It has helped me hugely with my studies and in trying too many difficult and unanswerable questions. I would recommend it to anyone with interest in religion and the views they have'.

'The project was an experience that one can never forget. It helped me learn new culture and different points of view'.

'I loved meeting such a diverse group of people and each had their own points of view and were eager to discuss them. I loved working with cameras and begin creative - something that I haven't really been able to do at college'.