The Book Job


A group of seven Year 9 students from South Camden Community School worked with DJ and poet Charlie Dark and production company Chocolate Films on this creative writing and film project. As part of our Young Researchers programme the project was inspired by the Library’s exhibition, Out of this World: Science Fiction but not as you know it, in which science fiction is revealed not only as a literary genre but as a way of looking at the world and exploring alternative ideas about science, politics, society, the future and the nature of reality itself.

Throughout June and July 2011, students took part in weekly workshops with Charlie. These sessions focussed on creative writing, exploring some of the exhibition themes including future worlds and parallel worlds. The Young Researchers wrote micro-fiction and poems and used their writing to develop a concept for a science fiction film.

In the final week of the project Mark Currie and Abdoulaye Thiam from Chocolate Films worked with the group across four intensive days, during the school’s Creativity Week. Students featured in and shot a five minute science fiction-inspired film, developing their skills in camera work, script writing and film editing.