Young Researchers Taking Liberties was a 10 week project to explore creatively and critically the history and current state of human rights in Britain. Running alongside the exhibition Taking Liberties: the struggle for Britain’s freedoms and rights the project provided the opportunity to consider how people have struggled over the past 900 years to gain rights and why we today may have to fight to keep them.

We met with curators, activists, campaigners and former political prisoners to hear first hand evidence and explore the issues further. We debated and demonstrated and after many discussions we created a board game Liberties? A game to start debates . The aim of this game is to encourage people to think about the rights we have – and those we have no more – how we got them and what we can and must do to keep them.

The Young Researchers would like to thank Perico Rodriguez, Peter Tatchell, Maya Evans, Brian Haw and Maria Gallagstegun.

Young Researchers 2009

Liberties? A game to start debates


Liberties? A game to start debates, takes its players on a journey through history while posing questions relevant to our rights in Britain today. These include:

‘Should you be allowed to protest in parliament square?’

‘Should 16 years olds have the right to vote?’

‘You have the right to express yourself but does this include the right to offend?’

As such it is a useful tool for sparking debates, particularly in the Citizenship classroom. If you would like to have a hard copy of the game for use in your Citizenship or History lessons please contact The game is also available to download as a large image below: