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Listen to nature: acknowledgements

The Wildlife Sound Trust provided funding to support the production of these webpages.

Web site consultancy and design: Athar Abidi

Thanks also to Jeffery Boswall and the Royal Institution for permission to reproduce text from "The Language of Birds".

Audio credits

A special thanks to all the sound recordists and the International Fund for Animal Welfare who kindly gave permission for us to put samples of their sounds on this website.

Picture credits

The British Library Sound Archive would like to thank the following artists, photographers and institutions for allowing their work to be used on the Listen to Nature site:

The language of birds

David Atkinson (Grasshopper Warbler)
Andy Bright (Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Great Tit, Jay, Nightingale, Robin, Sedge Warbler, Tawny Owl, Wren, Yellowhammer)
Robin Prytherch (Snipe)
Gabriel Rasson (Marsh Warbler)
Thanks to

Explore wildlife sounds

Mario Becker (coast)
Dean Biggins (insects)
Andy Bright (Collared Dove, Fieldfare, Fulmar, Goldfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, raptor, Herring Gull, Kingfisher, Magpie, Mallard, Pied Wagtail, Starling, Swallow, Tit, Whitethroat)
Keith T Bruce (Grey Partridge)
Uemit Dalgali (parrot)
Doeberl, Aarwangen (urban)
Peter Glogg, (grassland)
Arthur Grosset (Yellowthroat, Screaming Piha)
Mehd Halaouate (Honeyeater)
Hannes Keller (rainforest)
Innoko National Wildlife Refuge (wetlands)
Prajuab Manklang (home and farm)
Brigitte Miltenberger (freshwater)
Walter Novak, (desert)
Rolf Ryter (land mammals zebras)
Dave Taylor Moorland Magic (moorland and mountain)
US Fish and Wildlife Service (reptiles)
Mali Veith (soundscapes)
Gerd Waloszek (woodland, Blue Tit)
Washington DC Library (sea turtle)