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Listen to nature

On these pages you will find 400 sound recordings from the large collection of the British Library Sound Archive.

The Wildlife Section holds over 150,000 sounds of every animal group and habitat from all over the world. To find which sounds we have, please search our online catalogue. You can listen to any recording on the premises of the British Library, but a selection is accessible from these pages. If you want to order and use any of the sounds here, or need a sound that is not on these pages, please contact us.

Listen to the sound recordings on these pages with the Windows Media Player

All recordings copyright © British Library Board. The recordings on this site are for private listening only; copying, broadcasting or reproduction is prohibited.

Lion (7K)

Explore wildlife sounds

Browse by location, animal group, or habitat and discover hundreds of sounds from the natural world, including birds, insects, mammals and soundscapes.

Blue Tit (7K)

The language
of birds

The language of birds is an introduction to how, why and when birds communicate, illustrated with sound samples, including Alex the famous talking parrot.