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Listen to nature: explore moorland and mountain wildlife sounds

Moorland and Mountain (7K)

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Arctic Fox Alopex lagopus
calls, recorded by Patrick Sellar, 7 August 1981, Spitsbergen, Norway.
Black Grouse Tetrao tetrix
from "British Bird Sounds on CD", recorded by Richard Margoschis, April 1984, Invernesshire, Scotland.
Curlew Numenius arquata
calls, recorded by G Patchett, 25 April 1973, Great Timble, Otley, West Yorkshire, England.
Dawn chorus
recorded by David Watts, 27 November 1984, Royal National Amphitheatre, near Tendele Camp, Natal, South Africa.
Emei Shan Warbler Seicercus omeiensis
song, recorded by Per Alström, 28 May 1994, Xian Feng Si, Emei Shan, China.
Kestrel Falco tinnunculus
calls, recorded by Victor Lewis, 29 June 1981, Herefordshire, England.
Mountain Reedbuck Redunca fulvorufula
whistles, recorded by David Watts, 26 November 1984, Royal National Park, Natal, South Africa.
Peregrine Falco peregrinus
calls, recorded by John B. Fisher, 16 June 1972, Cairngorms, Scotland.
Plain-tailed Warbler Seicercus soror
song, recorded by Per Alström, 31 May 1994, Emei Shan, Wannian Si, China.
Raven Corvus corax
calls, recorded by Reg Tassell, 24 October 1971, Totnes, Dartington, Devon, England.
Raven Corvus corax
saying 'hello', recorded by Richard Ranft, Birdworld, Surrey, England.
Red Deer Cervus elaphus
roaring, recorded by Richard Margoschis, 19 October 1980, Glen Meinech, Inverness, Scotland.
Red Grouse Lagopus lagopus
song, recorded by John B. Fisher, 7 March 1975, Cogden Moor, Yorkshire, Swaledale, England.
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