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Listen to nature: explore bird wildlife sounds: Hornbills, Kingfishers, Rollers, Hoopoes and Allies (Coraciiformes)

Kingfisher (10K)

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African Hoopoe Upupa africana
song, recorded by David Watts, 27 November 1974, near Craddock, Cape Province, South Africa.
Common Kingfisher Alcedo atthis
calls, recorded by William Pedley, 23 March 1970, Cosgrove, Northamptonshire, England.
Cuckoo Roller Leptosomus discolor
calls, recorded by Anthony H. Baylis, 2 October 1990, Montagne D'Ambre National Park, North Madagascar, Madagascar.
Ground Hornbill Bucorvus leadbeateri
calls, recorded by Anthony Walker, 13 January 1969, Hippo Pools, South-east Lowveld, Zimbabwe.
Helmeted Hornbill Rhinoplax vigil
song, recorded by Reg Kersley, May 1973, Pasoh Game Reserve, Malaysia.
Laughing Kookaburra Dacelo novaeguiniae
calls, recorded by John N. Hutchinson, 29 September 1979, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.
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