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Listen to nature: explore reptile wildlife sounds

Snake (6K)

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All recordings copyright British Library Board. The recordings on this site are for private listening only; copying, broadcasting or reproduction is prohibited.

Desert Cobra Walterinnesia aegyptia
hissing and striking, recorded by Richard Ranft, 3 February 1988, London Zoo, England.
simulation. This is the only synthetic sound on these pages; all others are authentic sounds!
Greek Tortoise Testudo graeca
knocking shells and mewing sounds during courtship, recorded by Jack Skeel, 8 April 1970, near Antalya, South Turkey, Turkey.
Indian Gharial Gavialis gangeticus
calls, recorded by Daniel Bennet, 14 September 1998, Madras Crocodile Bank, Madras, India.
Namib Sand Gecko Ptenopus garrulus
recorded by David Watts, 8 September 1984, near Erongo Mountains, Central Namibia, Namibia.
Siamese Crocodile Crocodylus siamensis
young, recorded by Katie Hampson, 5 Sept 1998, Madras Crocodile Bank, Madras, India.
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