• "...tapping into this network of like-minded people..."

    Sarah Orecchia used the Business & IP Centre to research her market and help with her business plan and attended a number of workshops.

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    Sarah Orecchia
  • "...I could not write my thesis without having this Library..."

    Shelagh Rowan-Legg used our collection to write her PhD in Spanish cinema. Shelagh is a PhD student at King's College London, researching contemporary Spanish fantasy cinema.

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    Shelagh Rowan-Legg
  • "...I'm always going to use it as a space that I love, as a place to become inspired..."

    Lucy Tammam used items from our collection to influence her designs.

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    Lucy Tammam
  • "...it was really collaborative work..."

    Pieter Francois is the winner of British Library Labs 2013

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    Pieter Francois
  • "...inspires people to go out and make their own work..."

    Eleonor Stuart used our online collection to look at Alice's Adventures Underground, this inspired her to create a range of plates

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    Eleonor Stuart
  • "...I don't think you could ask for a more conducive learning environment..."

    Chris Levack regularly comes back to the British Library to inspire his students.

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    Chris Levack
  • "...we felt like we had a bond with everybody..."

    Jessica Rodgers took part in our Writing London project engaging young people aged 16 - 24, outside of formal education, with library and heritage collections.

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    Jessica Rodgers
  • "...they're not doing it for any other reason except they're trying to inspire..."

    Tim Williams used the market research and many workshops on offer at our Business & IP Centre to found Luma in 2009.

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    Tim Williams
  • "...it's good for finding those little pieces of the jigsaw..."

    Alex Hall is a PhD researcher using our newspaper collection. His research at the University of Manchester focuses on the development of public weather services and how extreme weather can affect their delivery.

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    Alex Hall
  • "...I've put together a picture of things that's never been done before..."

    Diana Newall used our amazing map collection to recreate the lost city of Candia, the 15th-century capital of Crete.

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    diana newall