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5202 manuscripts available
Gardner's Photographic Sketchbook of the War, Washington, [1865], vol. 1
Gardner's Photographic Sketchbook of the War, Washington, [1865], vol.2
United States Sanitary Commission, Extracts from a Narrative of Privations and Sufferings of United States Officers & Soldiers, etc [With four photographs], London: Alfred William Bennett, 1865
17th century,
Hua yi yi yu
1 Aug 1919,
Admission of Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, afterwards 1st Earl Haig, as Honorary Freeman of the Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames; 1 Aug. 1919.
17th century,
Aristotle with Byzantine scholia
17th century,
Catalogue of Greek books at Westminster
1 Oct 1723,
Short section of George Etherege, The Man of Mode: or, Sir Fopling Flutter. A Comedy, Acted at the Duke’s Theatre, translated into classical Greek by Ioannes Ionas
תורה, מגילות והפטרות
c 1733-1739,
Geographical and antiquarian notes relating to Greece and Asia Minor, compiled by Arthur Pullinger, an English merchant in Aleppo
Malay letter from Sultan Kecil to Richard Farmer of Bengkulu, 1718
c 1775,
Map of the southern portion of 'Magindano' (i.e. the sultanate of Maguindanao, on the western side of the island of Mindanao, in the southern Philippines), drawn by Fakymolano, elder brother of the Su...
12th century,
Four Gospels (Greg.-Aland e 44; Gregory 44; Scrivener evan. 44; von Soden ε 239)
13th century,
Four Gospels (Greg.-Aland 449 e; Gregory e 449; Scrivener evan. 449; von Soden ε 330).
16th century,
Plays by Euripides
Four Gospels (Gregory-Aland 439; Scrivener evan. 439; von Soden ε 240)
1st half of the 16th century,
Hippiatrica or Horse Medicine
15th century,
Works of Xenophon, Polybius, Maximus Planudes, Plutarch, Proclus Diadochus, Lucian and others
15th century,
Theophrastus, Works
11th century-12th century,
New Testament: Acts of the Apostles; Catholic Epistles; Epistles of Paul (Gregory-Aland 312, together with Add MS 5116)
11th century-12th century,
Epistles of Paul (Gregory-Aland 312; von Soden α187, together with Add MS 5115)
Four Gospels (Gregory-Aland 109; Scrivener evan. 109; von Soden ε 431), and Theodore Prodromos, Epigrammata in Quatuor Evangelia
15th century,
Grammar; works of Georgius Choeroboscus, Barlaam of Calabria and others
14th century-15th century,
Tractatus de hominis anatomia; Glossarii medici et pharmaceutici fragmenta et al.
Gospel Lectionary (Gregory-Aland l188, together with Add MS 5153B; Scrivener 260ev)
Gospel Lectionary (Gregory-Aland l188, together with Add MS 5153A; Scrivener 260ev)
2nd quarter 16th century-3rd quarter 16th century,
Appian of Alexandria, Historia Romana, in the order Praefatio, Punica, Syriaca, Parthica, Bella Civilia 1-5, Illyrica. πίναξ on f. 323. Dilts's cod. S.
15th century,
Plutarch, Parallel Lives
15th century,
Works of Synesius of Cyrene and Georgios Gemistos Plethon
10 Sep 1337,
Four Gospels, adapted for liturgical use (Gregory-Aland 686; von Soden Θε34; Scrivener 573e)
18th century,
Ecclesiastical map of Upper Egypt with names in Greek and Arabic
18th century,
William Canter, Abridgment of Alexandra (Cassandra)
Joshua Barnes, Ἑλληνικὸς Ἑλλεδανὸς, Poems in Greek
18th century,
Collation of MS Parisinus Coislinianus 43 and Philo’s edition of 1640 and other notes on codices Parisini Coisliniani 5, 6, 37, 294, 305. Collatio Codicis Coisliniani no. 43 quaedam Philonis Judaei co...
Rabī' II 1076,
Makhzan al-Asrār by Niẓāmīمخزن الاسرارand 5 other texts
4th quarter of the 15th century,
Aristotle, Ethica Nicomachea (TLG 0086.010), books I-X
16th century,
Hierocles, In aureum carmen; Michael Psellos, De omnifaria doctrina; Matthaeus Blastares, Collectio alphabetica
Butterfly and Moth Paintings by Elizabeth Dennis Denyer ('Drawings of Lepidopterous Insects')
14th century,
Galen, De methodo medendi libri xiv, with annotations; Hippocrates, Aphorismi
19th century,
Malay grammar, by William Mainstone, 1682
11th century,
Four Gospels (Gregory-Aland 490)
13th century,
John Chrysostom, Commentary on Paul's Epistles (Gregory-Aland 1956)
18th century,
Theophilos Korydalleus, Commentary on Aristotle's Logic and other philosophical and theological texts
Jāmi‘ al-Tavārīkh by Rashīd al-Dīn Ṭabīb, 1247?-1318جامع التواریخ
Late 15th century-Early 16th century,
Manṭiq al-Ṭayr by ʻAṭṭār, Farīd al-Dīn, d. ca. 1230منطق الطير
Jarūnnāmah by Qadrīجرون نامه
Mid 18th century,
Horologion, tit. Ἀκολουθία εἰπομένη ἔξω τοῦ Χοροῦ εἰς χρείαν τοῦ νεομοναχοῦ καὶ κληρικοῦ Ἰω(άννου) τοῦ Χρυσοστόμου Μεσσίνα (f 4)
Theodoros Metochites, Paraphrases of Aristotelian works
Early 18th century,
Theophilus Korydalleus, Commentary on Aristotle's De anima
2nd half of the 17th century,
Nikodemos, Commentary on Aristotle's De caelo
16th century-17th century,
Theophilos Korydalleus and Ioannes Karyophilles, Commentaries on Aristotle
18th century,
Commentaries on Aristotle's Organon or Ars Logica
Theodoros Zathes (or Stathes) and Methodios Anthrakites, Works
18th century,
Pallasios the Peloponnesian (or Mpalasios the priest) of the Great Church, Λογικὴ
18th century,
Theodosius the Grammarian, Treatise on Greek Grammar
Early 16th century,
Works of Michael Psellos and Gregorios Pardos
18th century,
Turkish (in Greek characters, known as 'Karamanlidika’)-Greek glossary of words used in Dioscorides Pedanius, De Materia Medica (TLG 0656.001)
17th century-18th century,
Collection of philosophical and grammatical texts
18th century,
Lexicon of Classical and Byzantine Greek into Modern Greek
18th century,
Antonios Byzantios, Chrestoetheia and various letters
18th century,
Athanasios Chrestopoulos, Lyrika, Λυρικὰ (1st edition ΛΥΡΙΚΑ τοῦ Εὐγ. Ἀρχ. Καμηνάρη Κυρίου ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΟΥ ΧΡΙϚΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ, 1811)
Early 18th century,
Georgios Chrysogonos Trapezountios, Poems in praise of John Gregory Ghikas, voivod of Ouggro-Walachia
Mid 18th century,
Konstantinos Dapontes, Hymns to the Holy Mother of God and St. Nicholas
17th century,
Paisios Hagiopostolites, Metropolites of Rhodes, Verse history of Mount Sinai and its environs
Late 17th century-Early 18th century,
Palassios, Skeyophylax of the Great Church (or Mpalassios the priest), and Nathanael Chikas of Athens, grammatical, philosophical and theological works
18th century,
Miscellany of theological, philosophical and grammatical texts in prose and verse
Late 15th century,
The Achilleis, Phlorios and Platzia-Phlora, and Erotopaignia, two anonymous late Byzantine romances and a collection of Byzantine love poems, all in political verse.
Jean Baptiste Poquelin al. Molière, L'Étourdi, translated into Greek by Ioannes Rhalis, Vataf of Aprod.
Jean Baptiste Poquelin al. Molière, Sganarelle or Le Cocu Imaginaire, translated into Greek possibly by Ioannes Rhalis, Vataf of Aprod
18th century,
Περὶ Μηχανικῆς κατὰ τὴν τῶν νῦν φιλοσοφούντων αἵρεσιν
15th century,
Menologion, excerpts from patristic texts and hymns
11th century-13th century,
Selection from the Greek Fathers
Ps.-Alexander Aphrodisiensis, Commentaria in Sophisticos Elenchos
Ioannes Karyophilles, Companion on doctrinal matters
Gospel-book with added Cornish records of manumissions ('The Bodmin Gospels' or 'St Petroc Gospels')
תורה, מגילות והפטרות
תורה, הפטרות ומגילות
נביאים וכתובים
תורה, מגילות והפטרות
Henry Cutts, Book of Ruth in classical Greek verse
15th century,
Synesius of Cyrene, Epistles, Catastases, Homilies
15th century-16th century,
Works of Macarius Alexandrinus, John Chrysostom and others
17th century-18th century,
Pseudo-Nonnus; Maximus the Peloponnesian; Hilarion Kigalas
7 Oct 1825,
Fr.-Ch. de Savigny, History of Roman Jurisprudence during the Middle Ages, translated into Modern Greek
18th century,
Procopius of Gaza, Commentary on Genesis
18th century,
Procopius of Gaza, Commentary on the Octateuch
18th century,
Vikentios Damodos, On Metaphysics: Προθεωρία περὶ τοῦ τί θεωρεῖ ἡ μεταφυσική, πόθεν ὀνομάσθη, τί ἐστι καὶ ποῖον τὸ ὑποκείμενον αὐτῆς
15th century,
Aristotle, Categoriae and other works with scholia
14th century-16th century,
Euripides, Tragedies with scholia (Hecuba, Orestes, Phoenissae)
15th century,
Galen, excerpts from various Works and vocabularies; Andromachus, Fragment
16th century,
Aphthonius the Sophist, Progymnasmata; Matthew Kamariotes, Epitome on rhetoric from Hermogenes; Scholia on Demosthenes; Tryphon the Grammarian; Apollonius of Alexandria
16th century,
Sopater, Prolegomena in Aristidem; Scholia in Aelium Aristidem; Aelius Aristides, Works
16th century,
Works of Aelius Aristides, Gregory of Cyprus, Aristotle, Synesius of Cyrene and Georgios Gemistus Plethon
Olympiodorus, In Platonis Phaedonem commentaria; Damascius, In Phaedonem; Damascius, In Philebum
15 Nov 1469,
Simplicius, Commentary on Epictetus' Enchiridion; Tractatus de quinque dialectis; Herodian, De encliticis nominibus Græce
16th century,
Works of Georgios Gemistus Plethon
14th century,
Treatise on Greek grammar; selection of Homeric epimerisms
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