API integration improves the On Demand experience

Technological integration

Customers whose Library Management System has been integrated with the British Library API are finding many benefits over the previous integration via ARTEmail.

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The On Demand API allows suppliers of Library Managements Systems (LMS) to embed our services directly into their workflows.

Integration with On Demand keeps you in control.  Once you have placed an order you can keep an eye on how everything is progressing with full tracking, from up front pricing at point of purchase, to delivery.  With real-time availability, if we can’t supply something, you will know instantly and can move on with your search.  

Searching, matching and availability checking can all be done within your existing workflow.  Additionally, problems may be reported, loans renewed and waiting list items cancelled without contacting the British Library outside of your LMS.  In effect the full functionality of our On Demand online service is available to you within your existing system.

How can you use On Demand API?

To get the full benefits of the On Demand API your LMS will need to integrate with the On Demand API.  We have been working with the major LMS providers since 2012 and they should be familiar with the development required.  Contact your provider to check the status of their development.  If your LMS provider has already integrated with our API, we recommend that you ask to move from ARTEmail ordering to the API as soon as possible.  British Library Customer Services will be on hand to help you and your LMS provider migrate your ordering to the API.

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API integration improves the On Demand experience

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