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Abram (Ibrahim) Petrovich Gannibal (1696-1781) married Christine von Schöberg (1717-1781).

Their third son Osip Abrahamovich Gannibal (1744-1806) married Marya Alexeevna Pushkina (1745-1818).

Their daughter Nadezhda Osipovna Gannibal (1775-1836) married Sergei Lvovich Pushkin (1770-1848).

Their son was A.S. Pushkin.

Pushkin's father and his grandmother on his mother's side had the same grandfather, Petr Petrovich Pushkin (1644-1692). When Marya Pushkina married Osip she became a Gannibal. When their daughter Nadezhda Gannibal married Sergei Lvovich she became a Pushkin.

Note on Pushkin's ancestry
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